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Stage directions

The basic idea of the show hacking is to immerse the viewer in the mental world of a hacker and at the same time show them how the employees of the virtual company Compor AG are tricked into making mistakes. The aim is for the viewers to understand how attackers proceed and then recognise these behaviours in everyday life. However, this can only work if the show hacking is not disrupted by technical problems. Therefore, the basic requirements for the individual aspects such as sound, beamer, etc. are described here. 
Show hacking can be adapted very flexibly to different situations concerning audience and space. Nevertheless, it is important to find and coordinate the appropriate presentation scenario in advance and to adjust the room, sound and video technology to it.


  • A good solution can be found for actually every stage situation, we just have to talk about it in time. 5 minutes before the start is too late and the audience will not get the experience they deserve. 
  • Give the documents to the stage management at least 4 weeks before the event. I am happy to talk through details with stage tech. If the tech can't adjust to the situation, the audience won't get the experience they deserve.
  • If there are any open points, please always ask. A smooth event is always my goal!


The main requirement for the room is that the audience has an unobstructed view of the projection screen or the screens and can easily read the writing there. In principle, show hacking can be performed in almost any room, but the following points must be taken into account:

  • It must be possible to darken the room perfectly, but it should not be pitch dark. 
  • Sunlight/daylight must not fall on the screen, otherwise the projection becomes unreadable. 
    • Lamella curtains are not sufficient for suitable darkening, especially in summer 
    • Lamella blinds often cast a striped pattern on the projection and make the image unreadable 
    • Skylights or similar must be able to be darkened. 
  • The room should be free in good time before the Showhacking so that there is time to set up the technology. Depending on the situation, 30 to 60 minutes might be sufficient, or the set-up may have to be done in the morning, during the lunch break when the hall is empty, or even the day before.  
  • The presentation places should be positioned in such a way that the audience can see me, but I do not have to block the view of the screens. 
  • A technical contact person must be available who can solve technical problems that may arise before or during the show hacking. 
  • The stage situation must be safe for me. Pitfalls caused by microphone or video cables, tripping hazards or the like lead to problems. 
  • More details on the rooms can then be found in the description of the individual presentation situations


  • I take no responsibility if the screen is difficult for the audience to see 
  • If there is not enough time to set up, the audience unfortunately has to wait 


The audience should be able to look over the shoulder of the hacker and the staff. But for this to happen, the image must also be clear and visible.

  • It is imperative that I can use my own presentation computers.  
  • For any situation beyond a small meeting room, a professional projector with very high luminosity, colour & contrast is essential. The resolution should be at least 1920x1080. Lower resolution is possible, but then the audience will not get the experience they deserve 
    • Especially for event venues like hotels, please check yourself in advance and don't rely on others. With dim projector lights and loud droning cheap projectors, the audience will not get the experience they deserve
  • My computer has a VGA and a HDMI output
  • I can present in 16:9 or 4:3, but I need to know this at least 14 days in advance 
  • The cable you provide must comfortably reach from each presentation location to the projector 
  • Problems often occur with video cables that are too long. In this case, please provide suitable technology (amplification, etc...). 
  • In presentation situations with only one beamer, be sure to have a spare one at hand 
  • The following is not possible: 
    • Image transmission via WLAN, i.e. Miracast, AirPlay, Samsung Screen Mirroring or Intel Wireless Display (In most cases, it does not work at all and if it does, then only slowly, jerkily, with a time delay and restrictions as far as the display is concerned). 
    • Clickshare (This simply does not work, believe me! Yes, I know, you have a muchg better solution. Still no!


I take no responsibility for the beamer's image not being good!


Good sound is very important. While for a single performance I can still fill a smaller room with up to 30 or 40 people vocally without a microphone, several performances a day or larger rooms absolutely require a suitable microphone

  • Either a headset microphone or a tie-clip microphone with a radio link is needed
    • I can bring my headset with receiver. The receiver has XLR and TRRS-output
  • Handheld or stand mics do not work! I must have both hands free and be able to move freely while speaking

Laptop sound 

For showhacking, a sound line from one of the laptops (via small jack or HDMI) is recommended. In situations with two presentation laptops, it is sufficient that the sound from the main laptop is transmitted.

Presentation environment 

  • Three free power sockets (Schuko, ~230V) are required at each presentation location. 
  • The lectern should have a height of approx. 90cm to 120cm and be large enough to allow a laptop with mouse to be placed and operated. 
    • Sloping shelves are not suitable! A demonstration is then not possible! 
  • I will bring a suitcase containing the presentation lab.  
    • The case should be able to be placed somewhere, ideally in such a way that it can be placed inconspicuously. In case there are other presentations before or after, please contact me early so that we can find a suitable solution for the set-up. 
    • As standard, due to the cable length, the distance from the case to the presentation location must not exceed 10m. If this is not feasible, please contact me and I will bring the necessary equipment. 
    • Please make sure that I can enter the location with my equipment. If there are any formalities to be considered, please let me know in good time. Showhacking without the case is not possible!


Open internet access via WLAN or cable is only necessary for some showcases. This must then be discussed in advance.

  • The internet access via WLAN must not have a landing page (e.g. to agree to terms and conditions or to enter access data). This can work, but experience shows that it often does not work reliably.  
  • Internet access must be unfiltered and without restrictions. In showhacking, sites are visited that are definitely malicious and the way into the darknet must be free. Hotel WLANs filter here very often and unpredictably. 


  • The most reliable network is still wired, in which IP addresses are distributed via DHCP
  • If there is good mobile phone reception in the Deutsche Telekom network, I can also use my own mobile hotspot
  • If, contrary to the agreement, Internet access is not available or is restricted, I have to skip the corresponding showcases

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